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1GlassImpressions offers an impressive array of items for the Stained Glass trade, as well as unique products for wholesale and retail purchase.  In addition, custom stained glass windows may be found for sale here.

Need a way to cleanly cut lead came?  Find it here.  Want to apply a durable black patina to the zinc channel framing your work?  We have it for you.  These, and many other, items are available from 1GlassImpressions.  But that is not all.  Visit the links to discover fired glass products, clock dials, Amish wood/stained glass items, interesting glass-inlayed boxes, and many other giftware for sale here.  And of course you can see several kinds of stained glass windows to buy as well.  Custom windows and other services are available, too.  Enjoy your visit!
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Artist Special!

Angle Lead Shears + an extra anvil base ($4.95 value)
$55.00 shipping included!