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Stays Black Patina for Zinc

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Stays Black Patina for Zinc

Stays Black It Works!

Black Patina for Zinc channel will not wash off after applying by dipping, flooding, or submerging for at least 40 seconds. Do not brush!  Then wash in cold water and continue to use your regular patina for lead or solder and wash. Then dry and wax.  Now all will match when you patina the zinc channel and solder/lead instead of that uneven color using that product that does not work? Stays Black does what the name says! Stays Black may be used many times over. Other sizes available in my store on Ebay. Now the all new Dipping Tray called 1EZ Dip for dipping instead of wiping the patina, the dipping tray is also available now.  

Check out the video link to watch a video on the use of Stays Black Patina for Zinc:

How to Use Stays Black™ Patina for Zinc

Repair a Stained Glass Window Using Stays Black™

Stays Black comes in four different sizes.
Stays Black 4 oz.

Stays Black 8 oz.

Stays Black 16 oz.

Stays Black 32 oz.