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Angle Lead Shears for cutting sharp angle cuts in Lead Came

New! Angle Lead Shears (ALS- V)
For cutting very sharp angle cuts in Lead Came. 4 blades come with each cutter.
1 in cutter and 3 extra in handle.
Special blades have ruler stamp on blade made in USA.
Blades can be turned around for extra life in cutting.
Life time warranty.
For best results hold lead came upright on top of anvil and with a quick grab of handles snip came.
This special tool will improve your leading quality and will save you time.  Another innovative product from 1GlassImpressions. 1LBS.  Be sure to watch the video on cutting sharp angles in a sample window at the Useful Videos link.
Price:  $40.00

Add Shipping:  $10.00

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the Angle Lead Shear tool a couple of weeks ago and I finally had a chance to try it out on a lead glass project I’m doing for a stained glass class I’m currently taking.  I love this tool!  Compared to a “lead knife” this tool allows me to achieve cuts I can’t do and the accuracy of the cuts is incredible!  Thank you so much for making this tool available to stained glass crafters"  -Mark