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Glass Grinder Tray Sets

Self-Draining Grinder Tray with surround splash guard & Face Shield.  This Tray comes in Large and Small sizes.  The grinder tray and splash guard is made of polypropylene, which is indestructible and will not stain.  The face shield channel will hold 1/8" X 6",8" or 12" wide clear glass- not included.   A plastic face shield is included.  The tray is all hand machine welded together, and the base is grooved to center drain with clear 3/4" hose 24" long.  The tray is 3/8" X 13" wide X 13" long X 3 3/8" high.  The back splash is 13" high X 11 1/4" deep X 11 3/8" long, and has 1 1/2" Hole in back for Plug wire.   Glass Grinder is 1/8hp, 3000 RPM, comes with 3/4" Med. grinder bit with assorted bit adapters and sponges, 2 year Warranty. Has power overload fuse, 8 1/2" X 8 1/2" easy glide work surface that lifts off for easy cleaning of reservoir tray which has a plug hole that could be plugged or drained on side of grinder, this is a very high quality tool.
Handmade by KleenMaster of Wisconsin, and will last a lifetime of use.

NEW from 1Glass Impressions™ LED Lighted Face Shield Daylight White LED in high density Grinder tray self draining with hose 3 sided splash guard with built in face shield. In large and small for standard glass grinders. Made from 100% hand machine welded Polypropylene. Made in Wisconsin, USA. Custom sizes available.

Grinder Tray With Shield

Small:  $120.00 plus shipping
Large:  $150.00 plus shipping

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Grinder Tray With Shield and LED

Small:  $175.00 plus shipping
Large:  $220.00 plus shipping

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