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Mosaic Artist's Look!  Create your style of technique & color using a (Glass Head)


Glass Head for the Mosaic Artist, or many types of decorating uses. LED's available for lighting inside after covering in glass colors, by using clear silicone no glue will be seen. Made from solid glass. 11" High X 21" Diameter. Very fine detail. 12Lbs. 

Price:  $55.00

New, LED Light Tower 

For use with Glass Head. Lighting from inside out for Mosaic artist. Also listed on Ebay in my store.  9" high velvet covered base. 2" diameter tube covered with LED High Density Daylight White LED's at top of tube is a 2" ring of light wired into LED strip wrapped around tube. Prewired with DC Plug. Ready to plug and light! 12volt DC plugs into Dimmer then plugs into Adapter then into wall outlet AC 120 volt. You can control the light by using the included Dimmer. Made in Wisconsin, USA by 1Glass Impressions. I design and custom build LED light application for all types of products, some Solar powered with battery backup.
Price:  $165.00