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Grinder Splash Guard and Face Shield

Surround Splash Guard & Face Shield. 
These Splash guards are for small or large grinders. 
The splash guards are made from polypropylene which is indestructible.
Will not stain and will always look clean.
The face shield channel will hold 1/8" thick clear glass or clear plastic X 6", 8" or 12"wd.
A plastic Face Shield is included.
It is the Surround Splash Guard with Face Shield Only in Small size for $85.00 or Large size $105.00.
The Small Surround Splash Guard is 13 1/4" high X 12 1/2" deep X 12 1/2" long
The Large Surround Splash Guard is 13 1/4" high X 12 1/2" deep X 18 5/8" long
The Surround Splash Guard with Face Shield also is available with,
LED Lighted Face Shield.
Small size $135.00
Large size $155.00
Handmade by 1GlassImpressions of Wisconsin and will last a lifetime of use. 
10 LBS  International shipping is extra and will be paid separately by PayPal.
International shipping is extra.
Small:  $82.00 plus $25 shipping

Small w/ LED:  $132.00 plus $25 shipping

Large:  $105.00 plus $25 shipping

Large w/ LED:  $155.00 plus $25 shipping

NEW!  Add LED lighting to illuminate your work while grinding.  Highest-quality LEDs are also waterproof.   Grinder and tray not included.   $50.00 extra.